Renewing Your Bite Confidence

Apple Brighton MAIf you are facing the possibility of a tooth extraction, you might be wondering about your options in a prosthodontic replacement. For an unparalleled connection to the jaw, speak with your provider about the possibilities associated with a dental implant placement procedure. This process derives its strength from the use of a titanium post within your jaw. As the bone grows around this metal, it creates a snug bond for the use in your prosthodontic solution.

Dental implants bring numerous advantages, so set aside some time with your provider at Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA to discuss your options. This procedure can help you to restore bite function with a solution that connects to the jaw. If you are anticipating the need for future repairs, dental implants bring you versatility. From single teeth to a full mouth of prosthetic replacements, discover how titanium interacts with your body to bring you a lasting renewal! (more…)

Advanced Tools for Your Dental Care

Hanes Brighton MAThe field of dentistry has progressed significantly over the last few decades. New technological advances are bringing new methods and materials to market that are allowing for more comprehensive care. There are numerous benefits to these processes, if your provider chooses to adopt them. Not every dentist invests in the latest in dental technology, to make the effort to choose the caregiver who is right for you.

At Brighton Family Dental in Brighton, MA, we understand the importance of technology in our field of science. Digital x-rays are one way that we take your experience seriously, as this approach emits less radiation. In addition, digital imagery allows your dental provider to capture more radiographs than with film, and in less time. Intraoral scanners from iTero® give your caregiver the ability to look at a three-dimensional visualization of your mouth. Make the right choice for your smile and learn about the ways that these processes help you! (more…)

A Cleaning For The Whole Mouth

Flannel Brighton MAThe development of periodontal disease can progress slowly over time and when this happens, you might not see the repair as an urgent concern. Your gumline provides a valuable shield for the vulnerable connection between your teeth and jaw. This condition affects almost half of adult Americans, so this is a highly common concern. Do not let the stigma of receding gums prevent you from seeking care for your periodontal disease.

Schedule a routine cleaning and examination with your team at Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA in order to keep your smile safe. Gum recession is a leading cause of tooth decay and can put you at risk of further developments. Infection can expose the connection between your jaw and your tooth, where you are more susceptible to bacterial harm. Care for your gums to keep this location covered with healthy natural tissue. A checkup and cleaning keeps your mouth free of plaque and tartar accumulation! (more…)

Replacing A Tooth After Extraction

Spa Brighton MASometimes, it is for your overall oral health benefit to remove a problem tooth. If this structure has become compromised due to infection or trauma, it may simply have to go in order to maintain the wellbeing of your remaining teeth. An infection can also progress further into the jaw, and potentially into the bloodstream. In these instances, an extraction can help to prevent the development of a life-threatening blood infection known as sepsis. You might wonder about the possibilities for tooth replacement after this loss in order to restore bite function and smile appearance.

At Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA, we focus on the replacement of missing teeth using both tested and novel methods. A dental bridge is a form of prosthetic that relies upon the placement of crowns on the healthy teeth on the sides of a gap. Dental implants utilize a mechanism known as osseointegration to snugly connect the bone of the jaw to a sturdy and gorgeous new prosthetic solution. Call to learn more about these forms of prosthodontic smile repair! (more…)

Bring New Dental Confidence To The Table

Class Brighton MAWhen it comes to improving self-image, nothing is quite like the advancement that comes alongside cosmetic dental enhancement. Smile unease is a very common concern across the globe and much of this can center around the enamel. This material is the hard external surface of the tooth. If this suffers damage such as a chip or a break, the underlying tissue beneath it can become exposed. You are more susceptible to infection within the tooth without the protection that comes with impervious healthy enamel.

Porcelain veneers are a method used to repair instances of enamel damage. This process can also help to bring you a more cohesive and beautiful smile. Through the placement of translucent ceramic caps atop your natural material, you can restore balance to your appearance. At Brighton Family Dental in Brighton, MA, we can help you to look your best with a cosmetic solution including the placement of porcelain veneers. Achieve new peaks by improving your natural teeth through cosmetic dentistry above the gumline! (more…)

Treating Cavities Sooner With Fillings

Photo of female open mouth during oral inspection with mirror and hookIt goes without saying that among the various bacteria-related oral health concerns out there, tooth decay is among the most common. Not only can it settle in relatively unnoticed, but it will continue to progress over time. In other words, it is better to treat the infection sooner rather than later, especially if you want to prevent your tooth from enduring significant complications. In today’s blog, your Brighton, MA dentist discusses the importance of having cavities treated sooner rather than later and explains the benefits of doing so.