Placing A Sturdy Dental Prosthetic

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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you may be exploring your options for renewing your bite. To preserve your jawbone mass, talk to your dentist about the possibility of receiving a dental implant treatment. With this service, we could place a titanium post directly through the socket into your bone to support a lifelike replacement tooth above your gumline. As you heal from the procedure, your oral tissues grow around the post to hold it steadily in your mouth for years to come.

At your Brighton, MA dental practice, we are well-versed in the versatile benefits of prosthodontic replacement teeth. Because dental loss causes more harm than its cosmetic effect on your smile, replacing your tooth is vital to protecting your oral health. Depending upon the number of teeth you are missing, we could discuss prosthetic replacements for a single tooth all the way up to an entire implant-supported denture. Let us know what you are looking for so we may custom-design a treatment today!


Modern Technology For Your Oral Health

Portrait of woman smiling on orange backgroundModern advancements in dental technology mean you have more options for taking care of your oral health than ever before. As the field of dentistry progresses, choosing a dental care provider that stays on top of new and advanced techniques can help you maintain the health of your smile. When your dentist invests in new technology, you gain access to the benefits of procedures not available to previous generations. This means that learning what technology is on the market can help you make your choice when selecting your dentist.

At your Brighton, MA, dental practice, we employ modern technology to service our patients to the best of our abilities. For example, advancements in digital X-ray technology allow us to capture images of your teeth with far less radiation than previous techniques. This allows us to prioritize your safety while also saving time without the need for developing any film. Our use of iTero® intraoral scanners provides an additional tool for capturing images of your mouth. (more…)