Treatments such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental crowns can help patients feel more confident about their smiles. For those, though, who are missing a tooth, or maybe several teeth, a dental bridge may help them regain their full smiles and confidence, as well as maintain their oral health. When a patient is missing a tooth, eating and speaking may be more difficult. It could also increase the risk for gum disease and other dental issues.

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge includes a pontic, which is a false tooth. It is connected to your teeth on each side of the gap. Bridges come in different types, such as cantilever, implant-supported, Maryland, and traditional. The location of the gap from the missing tooth will help determine the type of dental bridge we recommend.

How Does the Treatment Work?

We will begin by taking an impression of the area where we will place the bridge. We will ensure the pontic naturally matches the shade of the adjacent teeth, too. A dental lab will custom design the bridge based off of the impression, and it will fit seamlessly and permanently into your mouth.

Schedule a Consultation About Dental Bridges with Us

Dental bridges replace missing teeth, filling in gaps to give you a complete smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Thomas Villani or Dr. Richard Kondrat by calling (617) 562-5210. We proudly welcome patients from Brighton, Watertown, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, and all surrounding communities.