While daily brushing and flossing help reduce the risk of tooth decay, sometimes it takes a professional dental cleaning to completely remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth.

When you visit us for a dental cleaning, we will carefully and gently remove excess plaque and tartar from your teeth and areas below your gum line. We’ll then utilize a polishing tool to remove any final bits of plaque, so you can depart with a refreshed mouth and a glowing smile.

Patients who experience gum disease may need periodontal disease treatments that include a deep cleaning called scaling and root planing. After examining your teeth and gums, we will create a treatment plan if gum disease is present.

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We offer professional dental cleanings that will help keep your smile shining bright and maintain your oral health. To learn more, schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Thomas Villani or Dr. Richard Kondrat by calling (617) 562-5210. We proudly welcome patients from Brighton, Watertown, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, and all surrounding communities.