Month: August 2019

Let’s Correct Your Smile’s Alignment With Clear Braces

Metal braces don’t have the be the only solution for correcting uneven smiles in Brighton, MA. In fact, our team often helps teens and adults enjoy more attractive and healthier smiles with a series of clear aligners. With Invisalign®, we have clear braces to correct misalignment while also offering other benefits, such as removable aligners… Read more »

The Impact Of Gum Disease On Overall Health

Did you know that the health of your smile could impact your overall health? In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the mouth-body connection, particularly how gum disease impacts our heart health. When should patients in Brighton, MA, see us for treatment? How do we prevent gum disease and protect our health in the… Read more »

We Offer A Fixed Solution For Tooth Loss

While full and partial dentures may be removable, we can address minor tooth loss with a fixed solution. If you have lost between one and three teeth then your Brighton, MA, dentist may place a dental bridge, which provides a lifelike replacement option that could last for many years. How do we create and place… Read more »