Month: February 2017

Dental Implants: Parts And Terms

Have you been looking into dental implants for your tooth loss treatment? If so, you may have quickly noticed that there are some new terms to take in! When you don’t know what they mean, they can slow your educational progress down. When you know them well, you can more easily begin to understand and… Read more »

Stop Waiting For Symptoms

Do you assume that accessing dental care is something you really only need to do if a problem occurs with your oral health? For instance, if you are free of smile-related abnormalities, do you assume that your smile is healthy? If so, it’s important that you recognize a symptom-free smile is not necessarily one that is… Read more »

Answering Your “Why Do My Gums” Questions

When it comes to questions about your gum health, you may not know what to make of symptoms as they arise. You may also wonder why your gums seem to look different than your friend’s or relative’s gums. While you can certainly gather up some information online, it’s always wise to schedule a visit with… Read more »