Do you assume that accessing dental care is something you really only need to do if a problem occurs with your oral health? For instance, if you are free of smile-related abnormalities, do you assume that your smile is healthy? If so, it’s important that you recognize a symptom-free smile is not necessarily one that is in excellent condition. Not sure how this could be possible or why preventive care is so significant? We can clear your confusion up quite quickly!

Symptoms Don’t Always Show Up

Problems can happen without the onset of symptoms. This might be hard to believe but it’s true. If you’re waiting on symptoms to let you know to schedule a dental care visit to check your oral health, you might find that by the time we eventually see you, something has been brewing for a very long time.

They Often Show Up Late In The Game

On a related note, symptoms of oral health problems commonly show up once a disease or disorder has been developing and worsening for quite some time. This is as true of gum disease as it can be for an infected tooth or TMJ disorder. As a result, keeping up with dental checkups is better than waiting for symptoms. When we notice something that you cannot, we can treat it long before it’s a very severe concern.

That Doesn’t Mean Symptoms Won’t Show Up

Now, this does not mean you won’t wake up one day to a bump in your mouth, inflamed gums, or some other sign that your oral health needs attention. It means that preventive care is your most foolproof method of keeping your smile healthy without any guesswork involved. See a symptom? Call us right away.