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Repairing Your Smile After Damage Or Loss

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Our teeth are designed to last us through our entire lives, but sometimes they can become cracked or broken. When this happens, it is important that you speak with a dental professional about your options. If you allow your enamel to remain damaged, bacteria could start to make their way toward the soft tissue within… Read more »

Understand The Types Of Dental Bridges

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If you are missing a tooth, it is highly advisable to replace it as soon as possible. When you are down a tooth, your chewing is hindered which can cause you to lose out on nutrients while eating. Because of this reason and others, it is essential to fill the gap in your smile. A… Read more »

We Offer A Fixed Solution For Tooth Loss

While full and partial dentures may be removable, we can address minor tooth loss with a fixed solution. If you have lost between one and three teeth then your Brighton, MA, dentist may place a dental bridge, which provides a lifelike replacement option that could last for many years. How do we create and place… Read more »

Using A Dental Bridge To Restore Your Smile

Are you currently dealing with the consequences of tooth loss? Many people see tooth loss as being an embarrassing condition, but fail to realize there are also oral health issues that come with this problem. Your remaining teeth can shift, and it may be harder for you to comfortably bite and chew. Compromises to your… Read more »

Dental Bridges: True Or False Quiz

Are you thinking that a dental bridge is the right choice for you? However, do you still feel like you have a bit more knowledge to gather regarding this tooth loss solution? After all, you want to feel certain you are making the right decision. Perhaps you have just begun your journey toward tooth replacement… Read more »

3 Reasons To Address Tooth Loss

If you have not already scheduled a visit to speak with us about replacing your missing tooth, you may wonder if such an appointment is even necessary. After all, a missing tooth is simply an esthetic issue – and something that can make eating your food a bit more complicated, right? Actually, ignoring a single… Read more »