Month: May 2015

FAQs: I Lost a Tooth, Now What?

A variety of factors can lead to adult tooth loss, including poor oral hygiene and an accidental injury. Many patients contact us asking: “I lost a tooth, now what?” Well, first we recommend contacting our office and addressing the immediate discomfort. Then we suggest undergoing treatment to restore the missing tooth. Doing so can help… Read more »

How Do I Brighten My Smile?

Do you have teeth that have become stained? Are you wondering: “How do I brighten my smile?” With cosmetic dentistry, we can help mask or remove discoloration so you can enjoy a brighter, more attractive smile.

Mouth/Body Connection – Respiratory Infections

Since much of the air you breathe passes through your mouth, it isn’t much of a stretch to assume that your oral health and respiratory health are connected in some way. Still, the extent of that relationship (as part of the more overreaching mouth/body connection) isn’t exactly common knowledge. The truth is, research indicates that… Read more »

Why Do We Need Oral Cancer Screenings?

Why do we need oral cancer screenings? Over 45,000 people are diagnosed each year. Unfortunately, due to late detection over 50% succumb to the disease within five years. But a simple screening can increase the chances of a full recovery. We recommend everyone undergo a routine oral cancer screening annually in order to protect their… Read more »

Q&A: What Happens During a Root Canal?

Have you ever wondered what happens during a root canal? Despite the stories you may hear, most patients find this procedure as comfortable as receiving a dental filling. With endodontic treatment the dentist can help you maintain a healthy smile, one that isn’t at risk of tooth loss due to infection.