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When Is It Time to Visit Your Dentist?

Most people are aware that they should visit their dentist, but not everyone knows exactly when to make the call. Aside from routine visits, there may also be times when seeing your dentist as soon as possible is necessary. Often, neglecting treatment when it’s needed the most could lead to tooth loss and potential threats… Read more »

What You Didn’t Know About Gum Disease

Throughout your life, you consume unfathomable amounts of foods and drinks. Overtime, this can affect your dental health in multiple ways, for instance, a lifetime of biting and chewing puts pressure on your gums, increasing the risk of developing certain issues. This occurs when the tissue connecting your gums and teeth are weakened, progressing to… Read more »

Is Your Toothache Serious?

Determining the cause behind a toothache can be very important to your oral health. In some cases, toothaches are nothing more than fleeting sensitivities. In other cases, however, they can be a symptom of a serious oral health problem. How, then, can you tell the difference? Toothaches will often have slightly different characteristics depending upon… Read more »

Brighton Dentist Can Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign

If you have spent much time researching options for orthodontic treatment, you have probably come across Invisalign, a system which utilizes clear aligners to reposition teeth discretely. Because the system does away with brackets and wires, it has become very popular, especially among working adults who need to maintain certain levels of professionalism. Therefore, if you are… Read more »