You should know that you have to brush them twice a day and floss them at least once to keep them clean and healthy. You should also know that you only grow one permanent set as an adult, and that losing them can often prove devastating. Still, there are many things you might not know about your teeth that, while not exactly common knowledge, are important to maintaining your healthy, natural smile.

-They’re Not Made of Bone

It’s a common misconception that your teeth are made of the same substance as your bones, and should be classified as such. On the contrary, teeth and bones share many similarities (like the fact that they’re comprised of calcium and phosphate), but they’re differences are significant, and dictate how you should care for each. For instance, while broken bones heal, your teeth don’t, and dental trouble requires the work of a dentist to resolve.

-They Don’t Heal

So, if you only grow one set of permanent teeth, why can’t they heal themselves when damaged or infected? Though that would certainly be beneficial, your teeth are strong because most of their structure is comprised of minerals, rather than living tissues with regenerative cells. If your tooth cracks, chips, fractures, or breaks, it won’t heal, although expert restorative dentistry can restore the tooth to reestablish your smile’s beauty and function.

-Losing Them Can Cause Your Face to Shrink

You might not have heard the term, facial collapse, but you may recognize it if shown an example. When you lose one or more teeth, the loss of their roots (which were once embedded in your jawbone) can affect your jawbone’s strength and density. Stimulated roots help maintain a steady flow of nutrient to the jaw, and reduced stimulation means a reduced amount of essential minerals and nutrients. Known as facial collapse, the eventual jawbone deterioration can result in the loss of more teeth, as well as a shrunken, collapsed appearance to the mouth and jawbone.


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