Month: November 2015

Quiz: Composite Fillings

Are you hearing more and more about the benefits of composite dental fillings but you are not sure you know the full value of this restorative treatment? To begin, it is important to note that for many years, amalgam fillings were the standard. However, due to concerns regarding safety and comfort, many professionals (such as… Read more »

Three Benefits Of Veneers

The good news is that porcelain veneers offer many benefits, which allow patients to dramatically improve the appearance of their smiles. You may, of course, have a general understanding of veneers – namely that they are super-thin porcelain casings that allow you to customize your smile. However, beyond the esthetic advantages they offer (such as… Read more »

Addressing Your Implant Concerns

Has the idea of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants crossed your mind more than once? Is there something stopping you from moving forward with implants as your solution of choice for your tooth loss? If so, you may be like many other patients who begin allowing their concerns about implants to trump their… Read more »

Q&A: Invisalign Treatment

Does the idea of improving your smile alignment give you something to smile about? However, does the idea of walking around with metal brackets and wires over your smile cause you to run for the hills just as you begin considering orthodontic treatment? If so, we think it’s high time you learn more about Invisalign… Read more »