dentalimplantpinkHas the idea of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants crossed your mind more than once? Is there something stopping you from moving forward with implants as your solution of choice for your tooth loss? If so, you may be like many other patients who begin allowing their concerns about implants to trump their initial interest in this restorative option. Rather than miss out, we suggest you learn more with some simple questions and answers that can help you feel more confident about treatment.

Questions and Answers: Dental Implant Concerns

Question: I’m concerned about receiving my implants – will I have to go to another practice for the placement? I’m already comfortable at your practice.

Answer: No, in most cases we offer the placement at our practice. Fortunately, this means that the full experience of receiving implants, from start to finish, will take place under one roof from the professionals with whom you have grown to know and trust.

Question: I’m worried that caring for my dental implants will be complicated, though I’m extremely interested in implants to replace my teeth. What does maintenance entail?

Answer: Taking care of your smile after you receive dental implants will remain just as simple as it is to care for your natural smile. You will continue brushing and flossing your teeth (brushing twice and flossing at least once a day). We will still suggest you use a soft-bristle brush to thoroughly clean your smile.

Question: I’m concerned that I won’t qualify for dental implants but I’m not sure how to make that determination. What should I do?

Answer: The best choice here is to leave this up to us. You will not be able to make final determinations about the best treatment for your smile on your own. By scheduling a consultation, you may visit us, ask questions, and receive our professional opinion regarding the most appropriate way to replace your missing teeth.