Month: November 2014

Fascinating Tooth Sensitivity Research

People with extreme teeth sensitivity end up having to give up certain foods and drinks because of the discomfort involved with the condition. Sour, sweet, very cold, and very hot foods and drinks can result in you ever felt a shooting pain going through teeth and gums. The underlying layer of teeth beneath the hard… Read more »

Teeth Whitening Motivates Men

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) implemented a poll to general dentists, finding that men are less likely to stick to their regular dental check-up schedule than their female counterparts. The number of men going to the dentist is on the rise, but the motivation behind these dental visits is not overall health. Brighton dentists, Dr…. Read more »

Quiz yourself on Dental Restorations

Do you have crowns or any restorations in your mouth to reinforce damaged teeth? What materials are they made of? Many people prefer their dental crowns and fillings to be fashioned from white materials like composite-resin or porcelain. Brighton dentists, Dr. Thomas Villani and Dr. Richard Kondrat, would like to challenge you to a quiz… Read more »