Popsicle SensitivePeople with extreme teeth sensitivity end up having to give up certain foods and drinks because of the discomfort involved with the condition. Sour, sweet, very cold, and very hot foods and drinks can result in you ever felt a shooting pain going through teeth and gums. The underlying layer of teeth beneath the hard protective layer of tooth enamel is called dentin. If tooth enamel damage, tooth decay, or gum disease occurs, dentin holds tubules which lead to the pulp of teeth, allowing sensations to reach the nerves. The result is tooth sensitivity.

Prevalence of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth enamel damage and gum disease are unfortunately quite common. Some people reach a state of heightened sensitivity as a result of poor diet and poor dental health, while others can overdo it in the hygiene department. You can tell by simply watching television commercials or scanning the oral hygiene aisle of your local store that sensitivity is a common enough dental issue to garner multiple specialty products. . Among the gums, rinses, and toothpastes which claim to reduce sensitivity, actual results aren’t always stellar. For this reason, scientists Quan-Li Li and Chun Hung Chu, led a team of fellow scientists in a study on sensitivity. Their research showed that as many as three out of four people have some level of tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, innovations by the research team focused on rebuilding tooth enamel and dentin at the same time, for optimal results in obliterating sensitivity.

Remineralizing Damaged Teeth

Quan-Li Li and Chun Hung Chu guided their team to seek a natural remedy designed to prevent tooth sensitivity so commonly afflicting millions around the world. Their surprising discovery came from the sea. The adhesive which allows mussels to attach to rocks in the ocean signified the key ingredient in their study which was published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.  If the theory of these researchers holds up, the adhesive could help keep minerals in contact with teeth for a long enough period to induce remineralization and end sensitivity in teeth in the future.


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