Month: June 2016

Restore Your Smile For Stress-Free Summer Fun

Have you been noticing as you indulge in summertime favorites (like lemonade or snow cones) that your teeth don’t feel so great? Perhaps everything seems to be okay but it is has been quite a long time since your last dental visit and you have a feeling you may need a filling. Rather than worry… Read more »

Dental Bridges: True Or False Quiz

Are you thinking that a dental bridge is the right choice for you? However, do you still feel like you have a bit more knowledge to gather regarding this tooth loss solution? After all, you want to feel certain you are making the right decision. Perhaps you have just begun your journey toward tooth replacement… Read more »

Q&A: Long-Term Maintenance Questions

When it comes to the immediate health of your smile, you may feel like you’re right on track and have answers for just about everything. How often to schedule a visit? Every six months. How to best care for your smile? Excellent dental hygiene at home and twice yearly preventive visits. How about the long-term… Read more »

Q&A: Invisalign Tray Damage

Do you find that you keep accidentally damaging your Invisalign treatment trays even though you think you’re doing everything right? Perhaps you are thinking about choosing Invisalign for yourself but you have heard a few stories about unintentional damage and wonder if this system will be too difficult for you to keep up with. Fortunately,… Read more »