questionanswerpuzzleWhen it comes to the immediate health of your smile, you may feel like you’re right on track and have answers for just about everything. How often to schedule a visit? Every six months. How to best care for your smile? Excellent dental hygiene at home and twice yearly preventive visits. How about the long-term health of your grin, though? Do you have questions about maintaining your oral health not over the course of the next month or year – but the next 10 to 20 years or more? Let’s answer some questions that will begin to establish a solid foundation of knowledge.

Questions and Answers: Long-Term Smile Care

Question: Will the frequency of visits that you suggest change as I get older?

Answer: The only reason we might suggest you come in more frequently is if you experience problems with your periodontal health – this may mean you need to see us more than twice a year for prevention. Otherwise, those twice-annual visits for optimal oral health will continue on as always.

Question: When will I need to replace dental work?

Answer: This is different for everyone. For some, a crown may last five years. For others, it may last 20. Most restorative treatments require replacement eventually. Take good care of your teeth and keep up with your visits – we will let you know if it looks like your filling, crown, denture, bridge, or otherwise is getting old.

Question: Will you eventually stop treating me and my oral health?

Answer: Nope. We are happy to continue cleaning your smile and guiding your oral health for the rest of your life. As a matter of fact, in addition to the fact that you will always need dental care, forming a long-term relationship with us is beneficial. The longer we know you, the easier it becomes to detect changes and to keep your smile healthy.