sunshineandskyHave you been noticing as you indulge in summertime favorites (like lemonade or snow cones) that your teeth don’t feel so great? Perhaps everything seems to be okay but it is has been quite a long time since your last dental visit and you have a feeling you may need a filling. Rather than worry about your oral health throughout the summer, we encourage you to receive any necessary restorative care treatments before the festivities begin! As a result, you can thoroughly enjoy this warmer season.

Why We Suggest A Visit

First and foremost, if you have only come in for one visit this year (and it has been six months or longer since your last checkup and cleaning), it’s time to come on in. During your visit with us, we will not only clean your smile but we will also look for signs of potential oral health problems, such as cavities, infection, or other forms of damage. We may also discuss existing tooth loss with you if you have not yet replaced missing teeth. Simply schedule an appointment with our practice, so we may determine whether you require any restorative care to restore your dental health.

Getting The Restorative Care You Need

Think about what your summer holds. Time spent eating good meals with friends and family, travel plans, enjoyable activities, and more. Why attempt to make it through with open spaces in your smile, uncomfortable teeth, or teeth that cannot function to their full capacity? Instead, we suggest you come in for the filling, crown, or tooth replacement you need for a stress-free season and wonderful oral health.