Q&AbuttonredDo you find that you keep accidentally damaging your Invisalign treatment trays even though you think you’re doing everything right? Perhaps you are thinking about choosing Invisalign for yourself but you have heard a few stories about unintentional damage and wonder if this system will be too difficult for you to keep up with. Fortunately, caring for the trays is actually quite simple as long as you are familiar with a few helpful guidelines. Let’s make our way through a quick refresher with some questions and answers.

Questions and Answers: Invisalign Trays

Question: Since the Invisalign treatment trays are in my mouth all day, I assume they are very resilient. So, do I need to be careful when I clean them?

Answer: Yes. It is important that you follow our suggestions for cleaning the trays just as we recommend. In addition, you will need to always steer clear of hot water, which may damage them.

Question: Sometimes I feel like I’ve taken my Invisalign treatment trays out of my mouth so many times in one day! Even though I am very careful about wearing them for the full amount of suggested time, is it possible that taking them in and out can cause damage?

Answer: Yes. If you are rough with your approach or continue removing them by gripping the same part of the tray every time, this may eventually lead to some amount of damage. Take them out carefully.

Question: Is it possible to stain my Invisalign treatment trays? I want them to stay nice and clear.

Answer: Yes. It is as easy to stain them as it is to keep them clear. Avoid eating with them in your mouth or drinking anything other than water. Brush them according to our suggestions. Always rinse and brush your teeth before placing the tray back in your mouth. Also, avoid tobacco products.