benefitsrainbowThe good news is that porcelain veneers offer many benefits, which allow patients to dramatically improve the appearance of their smiles. You may, of course, have a general understanding of veneers – namely that they are super-thin porcelain casings that allow you to customize your smile. However, beyond the esthetic advantages they offer (such as camouflaging cosmetic problems and offering a whiter smile), patients often find themselves wondering if the benefits extend into long-term wear. Even more good news: The answer is yes! Learn more, so you can feel completely confident about choosing veneers for your smile.

Benefit #1: They Are Quite Strong

Patients often ask us if they need to be extremely careful with their smiles once they receive porcelain veneers. The answer is no, not extremely careful. We suggest being as cautious as you would with your natural smile. For instance, it’s a good idea to snack on foods that you can easily break down, rather than snacking on ice. It’s also important that you seek bruxism treatment if you suffer from teeth clenching or grinding to avoid damage. Fortunately, veneers are quite durable.

Benefit #2: Caring For Them Is Simple

Another concern we commonly run across is that patients worry they will need to purchase new hygiene products and follow special methods to care for their smiles. Luckily, you may care for your smile with porcelain veneers the same way you cared for your smile before you received them. Remember to use a soft-bristle toothbrush and nonabrasive paste. Brush twice and floss once every single day.

Benefit #3: They Resist Stains Brilliantly

They are not immune to stains but veneers do resist discoloration. As long as you’re limiting your indulgence is staining foods (or remembering to rinse afterwards and then brush 30 minutes later), brushing, and flossing, then your smile will remain bright and vibrant.