photo of molar crownGiven the wide uses of modern dental crowns, you may have had one placed, or known someone who has, at some point in your life. The dental crown is one of the oldest and most diverse forms of restorative dentistry, and has helped restore many patients’ smiles under a variety of different circumstances. But are they necessary? Could you simply decide that you don’t want a dental crown, and allow your tooth to take its chances? You can, but you shouldn’t, and we gladly explain why.

The Anatomy of a Tooth

Your teeth are peculiar structures compared to the rest of your body. They’re among the strongest parts of your body, and they’re protected by a substance whose resilience is rivaled only by diamonds. Nevertheless, your teeth don’t possess the cells that are necessary to repair themselves. For instance, if your skin is cut or a bone breaks, you’ll heal in time (usually). Your teeth, however, will retain their damage, which will grow worse as you continue to bite and chew until the tooth is too injured to save.

Rebuilding Defenses

In ancient times, there was little or no recourse to protecting a damaged tooth from further injury. Most dental practitioners focused mainly on extracting and replacing teeth. Now, prevention and protection are the name of the game, and dental crowns are among the most effective restorative techniques for preserving healthy tooth structure. By capping your compromised tooth, a dental crown takes on the responsibility of biting, chewing, and filling out your smile while concealing weakened tooth underneath it.

Creating a Lifelike Tooth Replacement

Today, dental crowns far surpass those created by our ancestors. They’re typically crafted from porcelain that looks and reflects light like your natural tooth structure and enamel. A modern dental crown can also be combined with a dental implant (prosthetic tooth root) to craft a lifelike replacement tooth that possesses both a root and crown. Replacing a missing tooth’s root and crown can offer the most comprehensive, and long-lasting, results for rebuilding your smile after tooth loss.

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