Prevention is the cornerstone of good dental health. Preventing plaque buildup with your toothbrush and floss helps you avoid resulting dental diseases. If they do develop, then you can prevent dental issues from causing extensive damage if you treat them early. Sometimes, however, prevention doesn’t seem possible, like in the case of an accidentally broken or knocked out tooth.  Though not all dental emergencies can be avoided, some damage can be thwarted if your teeth are strong and healthy enough, and if you take certain precautions against the most common forms of dental damage.

The Power of Foresight

When it comes to your dental health, the term “emergency” is often a bit a misnomer. A sudden toothache may be cause for alarm, but the issue that causes it (i.e., a cavity or gum disease) may have been developing for quite some time. Conversely, accidental trauma can crack or chip your tooth, but the damage isn’t always an immediate threat to your oral health. Nevertheless, any dental issue can become an emergency given enough time. Aside from making liberal use of your toothbrush and floss to keep your teeth healthy, you can also help preserve their strength by feeding them the nutrients and minerals they need. For instance, calcium, the building blocks of your teeth’s protective enamel, doesn’t form naturally within your body, so ensuring that your diet contains plenty of the mineral will help keep your teeth strong and resilient.

Keep Calm, Save Your Tooth

If you experience a dental emergency, don’t panic. Carefully rinse your mouth with warm water, and reduce swelling and discomfort by applying a cold compress or ice pack to the side of your face. If one or more pieces of the tooth break off, or if the tooth is completely dislodged, then collect the tooth or any pieces that you can and carefully rinse them, as well. Call our office as soon as possible to schedule an emergency visit, and bring the tooth or pieces of tooth with you to your appointment.

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