smile brighton 1If you have spent much time researching options for orthodontic treatment, you have probably come across Invisalign, a system which utilizes clear aligners to reposition teeth discretely. Because the system does away with brackets and wires, it has become very popular, especially among working adults who need to maintain certain levels of professionalism. Therefore, if you are looking for orthodontic treatment with a certain level of discretion, visit your Brighton dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani, for a free Invisalign consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Villani will help you determine if Invisalign is the best treatment for your individual needs.

Following the consultation, if you choose to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, Dr. Villani will create your unique treatment plan. He will begin by taking x-rays and impressions of your mouth, using these diagnostic tools to complete your treatment plan so that your custom aligners can be fabricated in an off-site laboratory. Once the aligners are created, they will be shipped to our dental office. At your next dental visit, Dr. Villani will explain how to use your aligners for the best possible results, and your treatment will begin. Treatment plans generally last between 9 and 24 months.

Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth with Invisalign

Invisalign has grown very popular because of its ability to integrate discretion into orthodontic treatment. Thus, patients can straighten their teeth without feeling embarrassed about wearing metal wires and brackets. However, the benefits of Invisalign extend beyond discretion. The aligners are also removable, meaning that homecare and mealtimes are much simpler. Patients can simply remove their aligners and brush, floss, and eat as they did before receiving their clear braces. It is important to note, however, that the aligners should be worn at all other times for the best results.

Why Choose Your Brighton Dentist?

Your Brighton dentist, Dr. Villani, offers a free consultation to patients who are interested in straightening their teeth with Invisalign. From this point forward, Dr. Villani will work with you, checking the progress of your smile at regular intervals to ensure that your treatment is progressing according to plan.

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