reasoncloudsIf you have not already scheduled a visit to speak with us about replacing your missing tooth, you may wonder if such an appointment is even necessary. After all, a missing tooth is simply an esthetic issue – and something that can make eating your food a bit more complicated, right? Actually, ignoring a single open space (or more) in your mouth can lead to significant consequences you might not expect. Consider a few reasons to address tooth loss with a dental bridge or implants.

Reason #1: Your Confidence Depends On It

Patients often feel uncomfortable about replacing missing teeth with a dental implant or dental bridge because they worry they’re spending money (or putting forth effort) for something that is strictly cosmetic in nature (which our additional reasons for replacement will disprove). While the esthetic value of a complete smile is certainly in the eye of the beholder, remember that the way you feel about your appearance is strongly impacted by the way your smile looks. Allow yourself to continue feeling confident, youthful, and motivated by saying, “yes” to a complete grin.

Reason #2: Your Alignment Isn’t Permanent

The teeth in your smile may begin inching their way in the direction of the opening after tooth loss. Unfortunately, this may leave you with misaligned teeth. Preserve your smile by choosing a dental bridge or dental implant to not only fill the opening but also to act as a placeholder.

Reason #3: Oral Hygiene Can Become Difficult

Patients often fail to recognize that missing teeth allows food to become easily trapped in open spaces. In turn, this problem can make it difficult to keep your smile free of debris. In addition, if teeth shift out of alignment, you may have a more difficult time thoroughly cleaning your smile. Replace teeth to avoid hygiene-related problems, such as decay and gingivitis.