When it comes to questions about your gum health, you may not know what to make of symptoms as they arise. You may also wonder why your gums seem to look different than your friend’s or relative’s gums. While you can certainly gather up some information online, it’s always wise to schedule a visit with our practice. Many times, changes point to an underlying problem like gum disease that requires immediate care. Remember, the sooner we see you, the better.

Why Do My Gums Look Puffy?

Your gums may look puffy for a variety of reasons. Some are related to gum health, while others are temporary inflammation or esthetic in nature. Consider the following:

  • If the majority of your gum tissue appears inflamed, it may be a sign of gum disease
  • If one small area of your gum tissue looks swollen, it could be the result of irritation from accidental injury (perhaps your toothbrush slipped and scraped your gum or you ate a sharp piece of food that cut your gum)
  • If your gums have always seemed puffy, you may simply have excessive gum tissue (which is treatable with cosmetic care)

Why Do My Gums Look Like They’re Pulling Back?

When your gums look like they’re pulling back, this is called gum recession. It may occur as the result of gum disease. It may also happen if you brush too hard. Come see us for a diagnosis and the appropriate plan of action as recession is dangerous for your oral health.

Why Do My Gums Hurt, Bleed, Or Change Color?

Optimal gum health does not include pain, bleeding, or a change from the usual light pink shade. If you notice these changes, they are likely a sign of gum disease. Visit us ASAP!