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How Flexible is Your Tongue?

Your tongue is the most flexible muscle in your body, but sometimes it still slows down and gets twisted. Dr. Villani can help you keep your tongue and all areas of your mouth clean and healthy to function properly.

Patient Testimonials

Finding a good dentist is important to receive the best oral care. Read what other patients are saying, then visit Dr. Villani to experience our services for yourself.

Dental Care for Expectant Mothers

In addition to eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of rest, there are a million things you can do to ensure the health of your unborn child. Avoid certain foods to lower chances of allergies, avoid alcohol, raw fish, caffeine, and tobacco products, don’t travel by air after the 7 month mark, and the list goes on and on. Have you ever thought that your dental health could contribute to a health pregnancy?

Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Brighton Family Dental team! We hope that you and your family have big trick-or-treating plans for tonight, but, as your dental caregiver, we have to warn you against the dangers of Halloween candy. There is a reason, of course, why Halloween has earned a spot on dentists’ list of least favorite… Read more »