Many people are embarrassed by their crooked teeth, but adults may be more embarrassed by braces. There are many options to straighten your teeth to get your beautiful smile without drawing attention to your treatment.

What can braces do? Braces can fix many dental problems at any age. They can adjust teeth to fix crowding, crookedness, spacing, overbite, underbite, and jaw positioning.

Why are straight teeth important? Straighter teeth are easier to clean. If your teeth are crooked, crowded, or gapped, decay can form in between crevices and be difficult to remove. This can increase your risk of decay, cavities, and gum disease. In addition, some tooth alignment issues can cause chewing and speech problems.

What kinds of braces are available? Some options let you avoid having a mouth full of metal.

  • Metal braces: These are the traditional wire-and-bracket braces. The brackets are adjusted to move your teeth into position. Metal braces are great for kids who want to choose the colors of their bands. However, they are very noticeable, the wires can poke inside your mouth, hygiene is a little tricky, and there are many food restrictions to avoid breaking a wire.
  • Clear ceramic braces: These are also wire-and-bracket, but the brackets are made of tooth-colored porcelain. This helps mask the braces because only the connecting wires will be visible.
  • Clear aligners: Acrylic aligners are placed over your teeth. They are custom-fitted, invisible, and can be removed for eating and cleaning. Dr. Villani offers a free consultation for the clear Invisalign treatment to fix your smile without anyone knowing.

Bad teeth will look worse than your braces. At your dental checkup with Dr. Villani, he can take x-rays of your teeth to determine any alignment problems and determine if braces can help adjust your smile. Contact Brighton Family Dental office in Brighton, MA at (617) 562-5210 to schedule your appointment today.