Spa Brighton MASometimes, it is for your overall oral health benefit to remove a problem tooth. If this structure has become compromised due to infection or trauma, it may simply have to go in order to maintain the wellbeing of your remaining teeth. An infection can also progress further into the jaw, and potentially into the bloodstream. In these instances, an extraction can help to prevent the development of a life-threatening blood infection known as sepsis. You might wonder about the possibilities for tooth replacement after this loss in order to restore bite function and smile appearance.

At Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA, we focus on the replacement of missing teeth using both tested and novel methods. A dental bridge is a form of prosthetic that relies upon the placement of crowns on the healthy teeth on the sides of a gap. Dental implants utilize a mechanism known as osseointegration to snugly connect the bone of the jaw to a sturdy and gorgeous new prosthetic solution. Call to learn more about these forms of prosthodontic smile repair!

Dental Bridges Disperse Stress Through Remaining Teeth

One of the ways that we bring quality prosthodontic solutions to the public is through the placement of a dental bridge. This is a prosthetic that uses the strength of the teeth on either side of a gap to support a new chewing surface. Bridges depend upon the health of these abutment teeth to spread the strain of chewing. When the remaining areas of the mouth stay strong, this can be a suitable repair that looks life-life and allows you to regain functionality. If there are concerns with the lasting wellbeing of your smile, this may not be the right solution for your specific situation.

Dental Implants Rely Upon Bone Tissue For Unparalleled Strength

A dental implant is another way that you can replace your instance of tooth loss. This starts with the implantation of a titanium post within your jaw. After recovery, your body forms a snug connection between this post and the bone below the gumline. A durable prosthetic that sits atop this permanently, giving you a beautiful replacement!

Find Your Prosthodontic Solution In Brighton, MA

The loss of a tooth may feel overwhelming at first, but you have options in the replacement of this loss. Repair your gap with a tested means of repair such as a dental bridge. This helpful hanging prosthetic connects to two of your healthy teeth in order to support a durable prosthetic. You will regain bite functionality through the placement of a bridge. Implant surgery is another way that prosthodontia can help you renew your smile in both vigor and appearance. Speak with Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA, today at (617) 562-5210 about your specific goals and desires. A healthy discussion can lead to greater results!