brighton good oral healthWith daily actions, you can help protect your smile from cavities and even gum disease. In today’s blog, your Brighton, MA, dentists take a look at three actions that can help you maintain good oral health, and help reduce the need for restorative treatment down the road. There is always a chance to safeguard your smile!

  1. Brush and Floss Daily

You should take time to clean your teeth each and every day. When you do, you reduce the severity of plaque and tartar buildup, limiting the risk of cavities and even gingivitis and gum disease. Not to mention bad breath and teeth stains! You should brush twice a day for about two minutes each time, using a fluoride toothpaste. We suggest a toothbrush with soft bristles. You also need to floss every evening before bed, using tape, string, or pick to clean up and down each side of every tooth, and dip below the gum line as well. This removes what a toothbrush alone cannot reach, and is a major factor in avoiding gum disease and periodontitis.

  1. Watch What You Eat

The foods and drinks we consume also impact our oral health. Foods with a lot of sugar and starch can leave behind particles for bacteria to consume, a process that creates plaque buildup and leaves the smile at risk. The same goes for drinks with lots of sugars and acids, like soda, energy drinks, fruit juice, and sports drinks. We recommend drinking plenty of water, which hydrates and cleanses the smile, as well as eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain items, and foods and snacks high in vitamins C and D. A healthy diet helps safeguard your smile and your heart health, too!

  1. Attend Checkups and Cleanings

Every six months, you should give our team a call and arrange for a checkup and cleaning. The checkup is a chance for our team to use advanced technology and carefully diagnose your smile, identifying any issues in the early stages that need treatment. The cleaning means we completely remove all plaque and tartar and then polish the teeth, leaving them bright and healthy, while also protecting gum health too.

If you have any questions about how to care for your smile at home, or about scheduling a checkup and cleaning, then contact our team today to learn more.

Do You Have Questions About Caring for Your Smile?

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