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Do you ever wake with your teeth clenched? Many people are suffering from bruxism and it’s disrupting their sleep patterns and causing dental health issues. Bruxism is a chronic disorder where people clench and grind their teeth typically when sleeping. Most people do not realize they are doing it until their dental providers point out the tooth damage it causes. In today’s blog, we explore the benefits of a night guard with your Brighton, MA, dentist.

What Are Some Signs of Bruxism?

You may be a grinder if you wake with a tight or sore jaw. You may also notice that your teeth have flat edges that meet almost like a puzzle. Some clinical signs we notice are recessed gums, a scalloped tongue, trauma to the inside of the cheeks, and more. At your dental check-ups, we are trained to notice the small details that could indicate a bigger issue like bruxism. If we can address this issue early, we can minimize the damage and harm to your oral and overall health.

How Can a Night Guard Help?

A night guard is an oral appliance that is typically worn over the top teeth. They work best when they are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. By customizing the guard, we can adjust it to distribute the occlusal forces over all the teeth. This way the clenching forces are less aggressive and don’t target just a few teeth causing trauma and stress. Depending on your needs, we can create a harder or softer appliance of thin BPA-free plastic. This creates a comfortable resting place for the teeth and jaw since you are no longer locked into the occlusion of your natural teeth. People often rest easier knowing that they are no longer damaging their teeth and traumatizing the jaw.

Let’s Make You a Night Guard

The process of making an occlusal guard is simple. First, we take detailed impressions of your mouth. This can be done digitally or with typical impression materials. Then they are sent off to a lab that creates a durable, custom appliance for you. Once it arrives back at our office, we bring you in to make sure the guard is adjusted to fit you perfectly.

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