Flannel Brighton MAThe development of periodontal disease can progress slowly over time and when this happens, you might not see the repair as an urgent concern. Your gumline provides a valuable shield for the vulnerable connection between your teeth and jaw. This condition affects almost half of adult Americans, so this is a highly common concern. Do not let the stigma of receding gums prevent you from seeking care for your periodontal disease.

Schedule a routine cleaning and examination with your team at Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA in order to keep your smile safe. Gum recession is a leading cause of tooth decay and can put you at risk of further developments. Infection can expose the connection between your jaw and your tooth, where you are more susceptible to bacterial harm. Care for your gums to keep this location covered with healthy natural tissue. A checkup and cleaning keeps your mouth free of plaque and tartar accumulation!

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease refers to the inflammation and irritation of your gum tissue. This condition arises as a result of bacterial infection and it poses problems for your smile in a variety of ways. When your gums become infected, they begin to pull back from their natural location on your teeth. This can expose more of your tooth than is healthy.

The initial form of this condition is gingivitis, and you might notice it in certain symptoms. Speak with your dental care provider about redness and swelling along your gumline. It may be a sign that you need to adjust your oral health regimen.

How Cleanings Can Keep Your Smile Safe

When bacteria accumulate within the mouth, they produce acidic waste. This starts as a film known as plaque and if it remains on your teeth, it can harden into tartar. Tartar requires the assistance of a trained professional for its removal. Your routine cleaning and examination schedule aids in the cleaning of your teeth to ensure plaque and tartar do not remain.

Plaque can be difficult to remove along the gumline, so professional care can help. We have a dedicated periodontist available at our practice in order to maintain healthy gums. Dr. Kondrat, DMD can assist you if you need the repair of your gumline.

Thorough Periodontal Care In Brighton, MA

If your gumline has begun to recede, discuss your options with a professional. Speak with Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA, today at (617) 562-5210 about how periodontal care can help you to maintain a gorgeous smile. Your regular maintenance is necessary every six months, so be sure to bring up your periodontal concern at your next visit. Your gums are vital to the longevity of your smile!