brighton root canal therapy

When a tooth becomes infected, this could not only be a source of discomfort, but this could also cause tooth loss in some cases. To help treat the issue and protect your smile, you may benefit from an endodontic treatment. In today’s blog, your Brighton, MA, dentists discuss the benefits of root canal therapy.

The Cause of an Infected Tooth

A dental infection could not only cause major discomfort, but could risk the loss of your tooth without treatment! The infection means that harmful oral bacteria has made contact with the inner pulp, the nerve center in each tooth. This could be brought on by an untreated cavity, or possible damage that exposes the inner tissues, such as a crack, chip, or worn-down enamel from teeth grinding. Warning signs include toothaches, tooth sensitivity, pain when you eat, swelling, a discharge from the tooth, or jaw pain and headaches. When you experience this discomfort, let us know right away!

An Endodontic Treatment Option

Our team will first take detailed digital x-rays so we can identify the presence and assess the severity of the issue. We then plan the treatment and also numb the area to ensure you’re comfortable. Our team must then open the tooth to remove the tissues from within, and we next clean the interior of the tooth and root canals. A special restorative material is added to the interior of the tooth, and we complete the root canal procedure by capping the tooth with a dental crown. The crown will be custom-made to ensure a proper fit, balanced bite, and a lifelike appearance.

Preventing Future Infections

Can steps be taken to avoid cavities and infection? Yes! Start by brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes, when you wake up and before you go to bed. Use a fluoride toothpaste each time too, as this strengthens the outer enamel. Floss every evening as well, and try to cut back on your consultation of sugar and starch. Seeing our team for a checkup and cleaning is also important, as this allows us to monitor the smile for the early stages of trouble, and to also remove plaque and tartar before buildup weaken outer enamel.

If you have any questions about how we treat these issues, then contact our team today to learn more.

We can Treat the Source of Your Discomfort

Our team wants to help you avoid the pain and risks of an untreated cavity or infection with restorative treatment. You can schedule a consultation to arrange your next visit, and more by calling Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA, today at (617) 562-5210. We proudly welcome patients from Brighton, Watertown, Cambridge, Brookline, and all surrounding communities.