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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you may be exploring your options for renewing your bite. To preserve your jawbone mass, talk to your dentist about the possibility of receiving a dental implant treatment. With this service, we could place a titanium post directly through the socket into your bone to support a lifelike replacement tooth above your gumline. As you heal from the procedure, your oral tissues grow around the post to hold it steadily in your mouth for years to come.

At your Brighton, MA dental practice, we are well-versed in the versatile benefits of prosthodontic replacement teeth. Because dental loss causes more harm than its cosmetic effect on your smile, replacing your tooth is vital to protecting your oral health. Depending upon the number of teeth you are missing, we could discuss prosthetic replacements for a single tooth all the way up to an entire implant-supported denture. Let us know what you are looking for so we may custom-design a treatment today!

The Harms Of Losing A Tooth

When you lose a tooth, the health of your entire bite can begin to degrade. Because our smile relies on each and every tooth to properly form your bite, even a single loss can bring it out of alignment. Neighboring teeth can begin to drift into your open socket, causing your bite to shift and become uncomfortable. Certain teeth may take a disproportionate amount of force and begin to wear away their protective enamel outer layer. As you lose enamel, your teeth become more susceptible to tooth decay, leading to more cosmetic and functional loss. Without treatment, you could even suffer a painful tooth infection. Fortunately, replacing your lost tooth can restore the fit of your bite and help prevent these problems from progressing.

Placing Your New Dental Implant

When you visit our office, we will take detailed images of your mouth and jaw to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure. Because the post lies directly within your jaw, you require dense enough bone to hold it. Moving forward, we will insert your titanium rod directly through the socket. The biocompatible nature of your post allows your tissues to combine with the post and offer a stable foundation for it to remain secure.

Over the coming weeks as you recover, we will plan a prosthetic to attach above your gumline. For a single missing tooth, we could design a dental crown to complete your new tooth. When your loss is more extensive, we can design solutions that hold multiple teeth on implant-supported bridges or dentures.

Speak With Your Brighton, MA Dentist About The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Talk to the Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA, today at (617) 562-5210 about treating your recently lost tooth. We will study your condition to help you decide which treatment best restores your bite!