brighton invisalign treatmentWhen you have uneven teeth, you could feel embarrassed about your smile, or your oral health could suffer. To offer a solution without relying on metal braces, you may need to give Invisalign® a try! With these clear aligners, your Brighton, MA, dentists provide an invisible and comfortable route to straighter smiles.

The Clear Braces Solution

Braces are very effective for correcting the position of your teeth. However, few teens or adults are excited by the prospect of wearing metal orthodontics. With clear braces, we don’t use metal brackets or wires at all. Instead, we correct the teeth with a series of custom-made and clear aligners. These fit over the teeth and will be custom-made to ensure a proper fit. In fact, each set is custom-made for your smile based on detailed digital images and measurements we take of your smile. When worn, they will be nearly invisible but help correct the position of your teeth.

Are They Right for Me?

To see if they’re right for you, we will need to take a look at your smile. We want to understand the factors behind your misalignment, and also assess the severity. like we mention above, braces could still be the optimal choice if you have severe misalignment. But for most cases, we could still offer solutions with a series of clear and cozy plastic aligners. Remember, correcting misalignment isn’t just about improving the beauty of your smile. Even teeth mean a lowered risk of issues like tooth decay and gum disease, as cleaning your smile is much easier. You’re also less likely to develop issues like TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding) down the road.

The Treatment Process

You will wear a set every day for about 20 to 22 hours, and then upgrade to the next set in the series after about two weeks. The total treatment time will depend on the extent of your misalignment, and whether you wore the aligners as we prescribed, but usually takes about a year. You can remove the aligners before meals, or before brushing and flossing your teeth, which makes eating simple and ensures an easier time caring for your smile throughout the process. If you have any questions about treating uneven teeth with Invisalign® aligners, then please contact our team today to learn more.

Do You Have Questions About the Invisalign® Process?

Our team wants to help you obtain a straighter smile and better oral health with clear aligners. To learn more about our cosmetic orthodontic treatment options, or about our lifelike restorations, then schedule a consultation by calling Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA, today at (617) 562-5210. We proudly welcome patients from Brighton, Watertown, and all surrounding communities.