How do you feel about your smile? Many people worry about their smile’s appearance due to discoloration. Teeth stains could form for a number of reasons, and could lead to esthetic issues. In order to offer our Brighton, MA, patients their brightest possible smile, we may provide professional teeth whitening.

Over-the-Counter Systems

If you go to the store, you’ll see a number of different products that promise stunning results, such as whitening strips, toothpastes, rinses, and more. While effective, there are some downsides to these store-bought options. Whitening strips have been known to increase tooth sensitivity and if you overuse them, could add translucence to your smile. Toothpastes that promise to brighten your smile could absolutely do so, but that’s because there are abrasive agents that scrub away discoloration. These same agents could potentially damage enamel and increase the risk of tooth sensitivity and even tooth decay. Finally, the results you do achieve won’t be as dramatic or as long-lasting as professional treatments.

Professional Treatment

To get started, call our office to schedule a free consultation! During your exam, we will assess the cause and extent of your discoloration. We will also look for any other warning signs of oral health trouble, so we can address these issues before your smile develops discomfort and complications. The professional system we use will offer dramatic result that last for months, while reducing the risk of tooth sensitivity as well. While this option addresses most surface stains, many people have intrinsic discoloration, or stains that appear beneath the outermost layer of enamel. If you have major intrinsic stains, also known as permanent discoloration, then over-the-counter options and even some professional treatments may not help. Fortunately, we can simply mask them with dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or a combination of these treatment options.

Keeping Your Teeth Bright

Most teeth stains form on the surface, as a result of drinks with dark pigments, sugary foods and drinks that lead to plaque buildup and more apparent discoloration, or the use of cigarettes and tobacco products. To help your smile stay bright, then be sure you drink fewer beverages with staining agents, such as coffee, red wine, soda, or tea. Enjoy healthier food options free of high amounts of sugar and starch, which also deprive harmful bacteria of the fuel needed to create plaque and discoloration. Finally, make time to see our team every six months, so we can remove plaque and tartar with a thorough dental cleaning.

Do You Have Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry?

With professional treatment options, our team can help you enjoy a noticeably brighter smile. To learn more about teeth whitening, then schedule a consultation by calling Brighton Family Dental Group in Brighton, MA, today at (617) 562-5210. We proudly welcome patients from Brighton, Watertown, and all surrounding communities.