When we talk about implant dentistry, we often focus on the obvious benefits: replacing your missing teeth and improving your smile’s appearance. But what about the rest of your face? Did you know that losing one or more teeth could lead to an aged appearance? In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how implant dentistry helps preserve facial structure for Brighton, MA, residents suffering from tooth loss.

Loss of Jawbone Density Following Tooth Loss

When you lose a tooth, the body takes immediate notice. In response, the body will stop sending key nutrients to the jawbone around the missing teeth. Without these nutrients, which include doses of calcium and phosphorus, the jawbone begins to gradually deteriorate. Over time, this deterioration could lead to further tooth loss and in some cases, a much older appearance. In order to prevent the loss of jawbone density and protect your smile’s structure, you need tooth a replacement option that stimulates jawbone tissue, such as a dental implant.

The Dental Implant Difference

A bridge needs crowns to remain in place, while dentures rely on suction or metal clasps. But dental implants don’t need any other those. Instead, we place them into the jawbone itself, where over a period of three to four months they bond with the tissue like a natural tooth root. Since they’re made from biocompatible titanium and recognized as tooth roots by the body, this stimulates the growth of jawbone tissue and prevents loss of density. You don’t suffer further tooth loss and preserve your facial structure in the process.

Do You Qualify?

If you have one or more missing teeth, then we have dental implants, whether that means addressing a single lost tooth or securing a fixed prosthetic. However, we will first need to assess the strength of your jawbone. If you’ve lost significant density, then a bone grafting procedure may be necessary before we move forward. We also want to identify and manage gum disease, as the advanced stage of the disease could cause a dental implant to fail. If you have lost a tooth and wish to obtain a full and healthy smile once more, then please let us know. We will perform an exam to see if you’re ready for implant dentistry, or if you first require treatment for underlying oral health concerns.

Do You Have Questions About Implant Dentistry?

At Brighton Family Dental Group, we want to help you avoid the complications of tooth loss and enjoy a full and beautiful smile. You can schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Villani or Dr. Kondrat by reaching out to our office at (617) 562-5210. We are proud to offer a range of dental services to patients from Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, and all neighboring communities.