Did you know that tooth loss impacts not only your smile, but your overall facial structure as well? To avoid serious complications, such as an aged appearance or even further tooth loss, you need to replace your lost tooth or teeth. To do so while also preserving your facial structure, we may suggest implant dentistry for our Brighton, MA, patients.

Why Do We Lose Teeth?

Multiple factors could lead to the loss of our natural teeth. For example, a serious injury or untreated cavity or infection could threaten a tooth’s stability. However, the most common cause is usually periodontitis. The advanced stage of gum disease, periodontitis actually attacks the tissues connecting the teeth and gums. Patients experience loose and missing teeth. If you have gum disease, managing the disease through regular treatment is crucial for avoiding tooth loss. After all, losing one or more teeth will cause the body to stop sending key nutrients to the jawbone around the missing teeth. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue deteriorates and the risk of further tooth loss only increases.

The Dental Implant Difference

A bridge needs crowns to remain in place, while partial dentures need clasps and full dentures benefit from natural suction. But dental implants? They actually act as new tooth roots. We insert them into the jawbone via oral surgery. They then bond with the jawbone as the placement area heals over the period of three to four months. We then attach an abutment that will hold a custom-made dental crown in place, completing the visible portion of your smile. They offer greater security and last much longer than other prosthetics, several decades with proper care and attention in some cases.

Preserving Your Facial Structure

When the dental implants bond with your jawbone, they act as new tooth roots. The body recognizes them as such and resumes the flow of nutrients to the jawbone. The growth of jawbone tissue is stimulated and the patient doesn’t lose any more tissue. As a result, the facial structure is preserved and the risk of additional missing teeth decreases significantly. Patients avoid the onset of an aged appearance, which otherwise occurs following untreated tooth loss. If you have any questions about implant dentistry, or if you’re ready to talk to your dentist about addressing your missing teeth, then contact our team today.

Let’s Talk Tooth Loss Solutions

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