When you lose one or more of your teeth, how concerned should you be? Missing teeth are much more than a cosmetic issue. In fact, even a single missing tooth can have a serious impact on the health and function of your smile.

How Tooth Loss Impacts Your Oral Health

First, the gaps in your smile can increase the risk of surrounding teeth drifting from their normal position, leading to misalignment. An uneven smile (as well as tooth loss) places pressure on the jaw joints and increases the risk of both TMJ disorder and bruxism. The difficulty in brushing and flossing misaligned teeth also makes tooth decay and gum disease more likely as well.

In addition, the body registers the missing tooth roots and stops supplying the jawbone with doses of calcium and phosphorus, causing the jawbone tissue to break down. Over time, this can mean more missing teeth and an older appearance as well.

Dental Bridges

To combat misalignment and prevent jaw joint disorders, we can replace between one and three missing teeth with a dental bridge. They make a great option for addressing minor tooth loss. The prosthetic consists of a replacement tooth or teeth, known as pontics, with crowns connected to each end. The crowns will be placed onto the prepared teeth on either side of the gap in your smile, securing the new teeth firmly in place. We can discuss how to care for your new bridge, as well as tips for preventing additional missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Not only do they prevent misalignment and restore the appearance of your smile, but a dental implant also stimulates jawbone tissue growth and acts as a new tooth root. As a result, you can avoid the loss of jawbone density that often accompanies missing teeth, preserving your smile and facial structure. We can place a single tooth implant, or multiple ones to secure a denture and address advanced tooth loss.

Do You Have One or More Missing Teeth?

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