With a dental crown, you can ensure lasting support for a tooth that is affected by a cavity, or damaged in a physical injury. Before having your crown made, your dentist will take care to prepare your tooth for its receipt. This will involve taking careful measurements to use in the construction of a custom-fit crown. Those measurements are important, as your dentist wants to make sure your crown will be comfortable and unobtrusive. After it is placed, your dental restoration should allow you to keep up with regular dental functions. If you do find it difficult to use it to bite and chew food, or find it uncomfortable for any other reason, let your dentist know.

What Makes A Dental Crown Necessary?

A crown is relied on because it protects all of your tooth above the gum line. This type of coverage is needed if you have a more serious problem than a tooth filling can effectively address. Your receiving a crown will be necessary after you undergo a root canal treatment. A root canal is used to address internal tooth problems. It may be used to remove a cavity that reaches the interior of your tooth, but it can be necessary after an injury, too.

Your Crown Can Preserve Your Appearance

Because your crown is constructed with porcelain, your appearance will not suffer any adverse impact because of its presence. In fact, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how your smile looks better after receiving it! Porcelain is popular for its cosmetic value, but porcelain-fused-to-metal or zirconia crowns can be more appropriate for back teeth that demand more support.

Talk To Brighton Family Dental Group About Receiving A Dental Crown

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