You should certainly hope to avoid tooth decay that makes a root canal a necessary treatment. Your dentist will only use a root canal when there is an issue with the interior of your tooth. When this occurs, the tooth’s living tissue is put in jeopardy, and you can feel discomfort or sensitivity. If the problem goes untreated, you could suffer problems so severe that your tooth is lost! You should understand that a root canal treatment is safe, and protects you against potentially serious oral health complications. Thanks to the use of anesthetic, your dentist can also perform this procedure without causing you undue discomfort.

1. Addressing A Serious Tooth Problem Can Put A Stop To Ongoing Pain

Some patients worry that a root canal will be an uncomfortable experience. What you should realize is that a root canal is actually able to put a stop to discomfort, by treating an issue that causes your tooth to be sensitive, or leaves you in ongoing pain.

2. Your Treatment Stops A Potential Risk For Further Health Issues

A root canal is needed when a cavity grows large enough to create problems for your tooth’s pulp. Because this is the area where your tooth’s living tissues are housed, an infection can create serious trouble. If nothing is done in time, bacteria can also travel through your tooth’s root, and cause more issues.

3. Anesthetic During The Treatment Can Provide You A More Comfortable Experience

If you are worried about discomfort during treatment, you should know that your dentist can use anesthetic on your tooth.

4. You Will Receive A Porcelain Dental Crown That Preserves Your Smile’s Appearance

A porcelain dental crown will protect your tooth after a root canal has been performed. Because these crowns are remarkably life-like, you will not have to worry about an unsightly change to your smile.

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