In the dental care world, fluoride is one of those things that seems to promote a lot of confusion and rumors. From our perspective, whether or not you should use it is a very simple thing to figure out (you should and for good reasons that we will share with you). However, from reading things online to talking to friends and even overhearing things at the drugstore, you might not feel certain about this. Consider our advice, so you know what to do.

Why You Need It

We suggest you get enough fluoride every day because it can help protect your teeth. Namely, it keeps your teeth strong enough to remain durable and to resist the formation of decay, which means you’ll get to avoid problems like structural damage and cavities.

Is It Natural?

Indeed, it’s is natural! It’s a mineral, not a manmade material. Did you know that your enamel (outer tooth layer) is composed primarily of minerals? Fluoride can help keep that layer strong and replenish it when it begins to soften. When you’re not getting enough, it leaves teeth vulnerable to problems.

Where To Get It

Most adults get their fluoride from toothpaste (remember, not all toothpaste contains it, so make sure to look at the ingredients before purchasing). It’s also easy to take it in by drinking water from the tap if your community treats its water.

Why You Keep Hearing It’s Dangerous From Other Sources

If you were to swallow more than the amount of fluoridated toothpaste necessary for a brushing session, it could lead to some problems like nausea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal complications. Like other things you shouldn’t consume, it can be dangerous when multiple servings are eaten. Fortunately, if you brush your teeth and then expel the toothpaste into the sink, there’s no threat.

Protect Your Smile With Sufficient Fluoride

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