Do you keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your desk drawer at work? If not, you might be surprised to learn that there are actually some compelling reasons to keep dental hygiene items on hand throughout the work day. Never really considered it? Well, now is as good a time as ever to think through our suggestions (and to go ahead and bring those items along with you soon).

Reason #1: So You’re Never Without One At Home

Are you someone who tends to brush your teeth at work pretty frequently because you know dental hygiene is important after meals? Maybe you’re in a rush in the morning, so you brush when you get to work instead of at home. Whatever the case, we encourage you to keep a brush and paste at work, so you don’t leave it behind, head home, and realize you’re not prepared to brush your smile before getting into bed.

Reason #2: So You Can Enjoy Fresh Breath Around Coworkers

When you work in close quarters with others, it’s nice to have fresh breath. You’ll feel much more confident during conversations, meetings, and more when you know your smile smells approachable (instead of the opposite). So, keep your toothbrush at work and you can rush to take care of a necessary impromptu dental hygiene session when necessary.

Reason #3: To Offer Your Smile Protection Against Lots Of Stuff!

When you brush after meals, you protect your smile from problems like stains, gingivitis, tooth decay, and the list continues. Why not add dental hygiene to your work day if you can? With a brush and paste in your drawer, this is easy to do.

Keep Your Smile Healthy No Matter Where You Go

If you have questions about approaching smile care outside of your home, such as at work, feel free to ask for assistance! If you need to schedule a dental visit in Brighton, MA, do so by calling Brighton Family Dental Group at (617) 562-5210. We proudly welcome patients from Brighton, Watertown, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, and all surrounding communities.