Did you make the most of the New Year, choosing to focus on getting your dental care all caught up? If so, you’re on track with your brushing and flossing, you’ve come in for the first of your two annual preventive care visits, and you have visits on the books for any necessary restorative treatments (or, perhaps you’ve already received them). Now that we’re headed into February, what to do? Wait for the next five months until your next visit, while you practice optimal dental hygiene at home? Perhaps. Then again, you might want to take advantage of this time!

Aligning Your Smile

Dental care doesn’t end at filled cavities and clean teeth. There’s a lot more to consider! If you are someone who has been thinking about aligning your smile for some time, take this opportunity to talk with us about Invisalign treatment. Your smile is nice and healthy, so there’s no better time to come in for a consultation and to get started on the road toward a straight grin. Hint: Did you know that a straighter smile is much easier to keep healthy? It’s a win-win.

Getting Serious About Implants

Perhaps you have a tooth replacement device in place at the moment but you have been kicking around the idea of getting serious about dental implants for a while now. Seize the moment and come in for a dental care visit. We will talk with you about the journey ahead, decide whether implants will work well for you, determine the best approach, and then complete your visit with the presentation of a plan specifically designed for your smile needs.