When you think about choosing your dental floss, you might not get too passionate about the experience. After all, it’s material that you pass through your teeth once daily and then throw into the trashcan! However, we encourage you to take a step back and think a bit more broadly regarding how to best choose floss that will work wonders for your dental hygiene. Unlike many products, which come with a long list of straightforward, clinical requirements, floss leaves a lot of room for your preferences. Learn a bit more, so you make excellent selections for a truly healthy smile.

Think Over The Flavor

When you’re choosing dental floss, we encourage you to remember that it’s something you’re going to be using once every day. Why not rely on something you like instead of something you dislike or just barely tolerate? Pick something that sounds delicious (and try again or opt for unflavored if necessary).

Test Out Textures

Try out different textures for this part of your dental hygiene. A flat, tape-like floss or satin finish is often best for sensitive gums. Waxed floss is generally best suited to teeth that are aligned very close to their neighbors (the extra lubrication makes for easier flossing between these teeth).

Keep An Eye Out For The ADA Seal

Check out the package of the dental floss options you’re considering for your dental hygiene. If you can locate the ADA Seal of Acceptance, you know you’re holding dental floss that has gone through rigorous testing and research (and that will certainly protect your smile).