wateringlassAre you someone who likes to drink water throughout the day? Do you do your best to remain hydrated? Do you find, however, that you end up spending a lot of money on bottled water or else you’re at the mercy of whatever quality of water happens to be within reach? We encourage you to take in some helpful advice regarding why preparing for water on-the-go is so important for your oral health and how to make it easier on yourself.

Water Throughout The Day: The Benefits

You know that it’s good to drink water but do you know why it’s so good? For your body, remaining hydrated is important to your daily and long-term health. Without enough water (a large percentage of your body is composed of water, after all), you will become ill. As for your oral health, it helps promote a clean smile, it helps prevent problems like decay and gingivitis, and it keeps your mouth moist and comfortable.

About Bottled Water

Bottled water has its benefits. It’s convenient, it usually tastes good, and it makes being an on-the-go individual easier. However, it has some drawbacks, too, including the following:

  • It can become expensive
  • Plastics that contain certain materials are not safe for continued use
  • You don’t generally receive any fluoride from bottled water

Using A Reusable Water Bottle

Since water is good for your oral health, you can’t always make it to a water fountain for water, and you’re busy, we have a suggestion: Purchase and use a water bottle crafted specifically for reusability. You can fill it with the type of water you prefer! It will cut down on your monthly water-bottle-purchasing costs, it’s safer, and you can drink as you go.