2redYes, of course you can trust your friends with offering you support and keeping your secrets! However, when it comes to choosing Invisalign treatment to improve your alignment (and all other things related to dental care), we encourage you to focus your attention on our advice rather than that of your best-friend-forever. Why is this so important? In many cases, your confidence in achieving your best smile depends on it.

Reason #1: Your Friend’s Failure Might Be Her Own

Maybe you are worried that Invisalign treatment isn’t going to work for you because your friend tried it … and it failed. Here’s something you need to remember: The success of this orthodontic system relies on multiple factors, some of which you are not privy to when it comes to your friend’s habits. Take the following into consideration:

  • Your friend may have damaged the trays, which can negatively impact treatment.
  • Your friend may have skipped visits, slowing the process.
  • Your friend may have worn the trays for less than the suggested amount of time.

Following recommendations for daily wear, daily care, and follow-up visits is essential for effective treatment.

Reason #2: Invisalign Isn’t For Everyone

Perhaps your friend told you that she was turned away for Invisalign treatment and then explained why. You assumed based on her explanation that you, too, would be told you’re a poor candidate. Keep in mind that there are many different reasons a patient may or may not be well-suited to clear aligner trays. The best way to find out with complete certainty whether you qualify is to visit us! Come on in for an appointment, so you can receive expert advice.