toothbrushbluestripeDo you have concerns that you are not doing a good enough job keeping your smile clean and healthy? If so, we suggest you learn more about your understanding of daily dental hygiene. We often find that some patients assume they’re doing a standout job (but need a little work), while others are consistently worried they’re missing a step (while they’re actually doing a wonderful job). Find out where you fall on this spectrum and make any necessary adjustments with a little help from a Q&A session.

Your Questions: Dental Hygiene

Question: I can rely on restorative dentistry if something goes wrong with my smile – so why bother to commit with such dedication to preventive care?

Answer: First, you will find that you pay a lot more to repair your teeth when compared with simply keeping them healthy. Second, you oral health affects your overall health – a decline connected to an issue like gum disease may lead to a heightened likelihood of experiencing everything from a stroke to cardiac health problems.

Question: How do I determine whether I’m doing a good enough job with my dental hygiene?

Answer: If your teeth and gums are healthy, you are certainly doing something right. We suggest you schedule an appointment with us once every six months for a preventive visit. During these visits, we can assess how well you’re caring for your smile at home, offer advice, and provide helpful demonstrations.

Question: If I practice excellent dental hygiene at home, why do I need to schedule preventive dental cleanings?

Answer: The simple fact is that you cannot keep your smile completely free of plaque and tartar on your own. By seeing us, you allow us to remove remaining buildup to prevent gum disease and cavities.