brightoninfectionAn infected tooth can lead to serious discomfort and even place the health of your smile at risk. How do you treat a dental infection? In most cases the doctor will perform a root canal to treat an infected tooth. A safe and comfortable procedure, the root canal can help you enjoy a healthy and whole smile.

The Causes of Infection

How does a tooth become infected? In the center of our tooth is the pulp, a collection of living tissue that keeps the tooth healthy and alive. When a cavity forms the decay will continue to spread unless treated. Eventually, the bacteria reach the pulp, where an infection begins.

The Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

How do you know if this has occurred? First, you may notice the discomfort, including sensitive teeth and toothaches. Eventually, the pain may become more serious and making eating difficult. Swelling near the tooth and a fever may develop. You shouldn’t ignore the symptoms and hope they subside. Instead, see the dentist as soon as possible for a diagnosis and to discuss treatment potions. In most cases a root canal will be recommended to treat the issue.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

The procedure is designed to remove the infection and restore the tooth. First, the doctor administers a local anesthetic and opens the tooth. Then, the infected tissue is removed and the interior of the tooth and root canals are thoroughly cleaned. Afterward, a restorative filling is added to the tooth. In the final stages, a crown will be placed over the tooth. Made from ceramic, the restoration will look natural and protect the remaining tooth structure from further infection or damage. If you don’t have an endodontic procedure performed the tooth may die and require extraction.