For many patients, the thought of dental fillings brings to mind metallic restorations that shine whenever the tooth is visible. Because of their strength and durability, metal fillings have been popular for over a century and a half. Now, however, you no longer have to substitute the natural appearance of your tooth for an effective, durable restoration. For patients who have cavities, or want a modern alternative to existing metal fillings, Brighton dentist, Dr. Villani, often recommends white tooth fillings made from customizable composite resin, rather than metal.

They Look Better

The fact that they’re called white tooth fillings attests to their significantly improved appearance. Unlike metal, composite resin can be tinted to the exact color and shade of your natural tooth structure. Once placed, your composite resin filling will blend in seamlessly with your tooth, creating a virtually undetectable restoration to treat your cavity.

They Work Better

The point of a dental filling is two-fold; to strengthen and protect an afflicted tooth. A cavity is a hole that forms in your tooth when tooth decay sets in. As the infection spreads, the hole grows larger, and even after being treated, the loss of structure can make the tooth weak. White fillings can be bonded to your tooth’s structure to provide more structural integrity, as well as a more suitable seal against bacteria that could lead to reinfection.

They Last Longer

Because metal doesn’t bond to your tooth’s surface, bacteria are more likely slip past amalgam fillings, causing re-infection and the need to replace the filling. By contrast, white fillings are less likely to fail, and tend to last longer than traditional metal fillings.

They’re Safer

The various metals found in amalgam fillings share a common characteristic; like all metals, they can change shape in the midst of extreme temperatures, like really hot or cold foods and beverages. A filling that expands in the heat can damage your inflexible tooth’s structure, while a filling that shrinks in the cold can leave the tooth’s interior defenseless against bacteria. White tooth fillings are unaffected by temperatures, and will retain their shapes and their adhesion to your tooth’s surface, reducing the risk of damage or further decay.


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