Your teeth serve a number of important functions. Most notably, they process your food before digestion, but they also help you enunciate your words clearly, support many of your facial structures, and help provide stimulation that keeps your jawbone strong and healthy. Replacing lost teeth, then, does more than restore your confidence in smiling; it also helps restore your mouth’s ability to function properly. In many cases, and for many reasons, dental implants are often the preferred restoration. As the only choice for replacing your lost teeth’s roots, dental implants provide a more comprehensive and longer-lasting solution to rebuilding your smile after tooth loss.

Little Known Facts About Tooth Loss

Though not many would people would disagree that tooth loss is a bad thing, some believe that it isn’t that big of a deal, other than the visual gaps left in your smile. The truth, however, is that losing teeth and their roots has a number of detrimental effects on your dental health, including;

  • Reduced ability to bite and chew
  • Teeth shifting towards the empty gap
  • Decreased jawbone mass and density (due to decreased bloodflow from lack of stimulation)
  • Increased risk of gum disease and other destructive dental issues
  • Increased risk of future tooth loss

Replacing Lost Teeth Roots

Conventional dental bridges and dentures are popular and effective means for replacing the crowns (visual parts) of lost teeth, allowing you to bite, chew, speak, and smile confidently again. Still, these modern dental prostheses lack the support of natural teeth, which rest on roots embedded within the jawbone. Dental implants are small, root-shaped devices that are surgically-inserted into the jawbone in place of lost teeth roots. After your jawbone has healed, typically in 4-6 months, Dr. Villani can attach a dental crown, bridge, or denture (depending on how many teeth you’ve lost) to complete your smile’s restoration. Unlike other prostheses, implants can help prevent jawbone deterioration, as well as provide unmatched support for your replacement teeth, by restoring the support of implanted teeth roots.


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