porcelain crown 1Out of the many types of dental crowns, your Brighton dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani, prefers to place a porcelain crown whenever possible. Your Brighton dentist prefers porcelain crowns because they offer his patients the best cosmetic results of any dental crown being manufactured today. What sets porcelain crowns apart from other crowns is the level of realism that they achieve. The porcelain material reflects light in the same way that our natural teeth do, giving these crowns a tooth-like sheen. In addition, they are partially translucent just like natural teeth, meaning they and living teeth allow similar amounts of light to pass through them. Porcelain crowns are thus very precise in their appearances, placing them among the best restorations available today.

When Porcelain Crowns Work Best

Porcelain crowns exceed other crowns in terms of the cosmetic results they offer. However, other crowns exceed them in the strength. Thus, your Brighton dentist, Dr. Villani, may or may not recommend a porcelain crown for your restoration depending upon the location of your damaged tooth. A porcelain crown works best in the front of the mouth for two reasons. First, teeth that are in the front of the mouth are in highly visible locations. Therefore, the crowns that restore them must offer the best cosmetic results. The second reason that porcelain crowns work best in the front of the mouth is that the bite force that teeth in this area experience is not as strong as the bite force generated in the back of the mouth, meaning that they are sufficiently durable for the needs of these teeth.

When Other Crowns Work Best

If you have a damaged tooth in the back of your mouth, your Brighton dentist might not recommend a porcelain crown. The stronger bite force in this area often necessitates a sturdier crown and because teeth in the back of the mouth are not as visible, the cosmetic results achieved by these sturdier crowns do not have to be quite as excellent. Therefore, when it comes to these teeth, your Brighton dentist may recommend a porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) or zirconia crown. Both crowns are stronger than porcelain crowns and offer good cosmetic results.

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